3/3/2018 - We now have apparel available on the site. Press the "Band Merch" button above.


2/6/2018 - Against PR is featuring Blackest "Immortal Curse" track on their compilation "III" CD. Click here to read.


9/16/2017 - Metal Temple posted a Blackest album review. Click here to read.


7/20/2017 - Occult-Black-Metal-Zine posted a Blackest interview. Click here to read.


7/13/2017 - Metal Ne Lata Reviewed "Dawning of the Black". Click here to read.


6/13/2017 - The debut album "Dawning of the Black" is now available on Bandcamp.


6/1/2017 - The new Blackest debut album entitled "Dawning of the Black" is set to release on June 13, 2017.


5/21/2017 - The single "Mortal Curse" has been released on Bandcamp. Click here for Official Bandcamp page.


4/22/2017 - Blackest is currently working on mixing and mastering the new debut album entitled, "Dawning of the Black."


10/31/2016 - The "Portrait of Blood" split featuring, "The Rise of Ashes," track by Blackest is now available.


9/2/2016 -  The debut music video, "The Rise of Ashes" is available on youtube.


7/15/2016 - Blackest is currently finishing up the debut album, "The Dawning of the Black".